RIE, RI&E, RIE Methode

The RI & E or IPA as the basis for health and safety policy

Every company in the Netherlands, according to the law on working conditions required to have a current risk inventory and evaluation (RI & E) to have. The RI & E is the basis of the health and safety policy and consists of the following elements:

  • identifying the hazards in the workplace;
  • find out whether these hazards can pose risks;
  • make an estimate of the magnitude of the risk;
  • devise measures to reduce the risks;
  • make a plan in which the risks are arrested. in order of priority


It is like a roadmap of knowledge, road work and waking. For weighing the risks is usually the model of Kinney & Wiruth used. This method is (wrongly) often called Fine and Kinney.


Risk assessment and evaluation is not a one-time action. It should be a living document, you want to also extract yield. When changing the situation in the company, for example by remodeling or adding a new production line, the steps must be performed. Again for this part For a company with multiple branches can be worked with a document where the hazard at the various locations are approximately equal. If that is not the case, can you describe in a paper of general dangers and next steps. Then describe each branch specific hazards and the associated follow-up steps.


Basically anyone can make an IPA. In practice, it is often the prevention officer who picks up this task or this has a coordinating role. In some cases, the IPA shall be tested. An assessment is not required when the company up to 25 employees working or recognized by the industry instrument used for risk assessment. The company should then be covered by the relevant industry. 

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